I offer consecutive, simultaneous, chuchotage and excort interpretation from English to Slovak and vice versa in Slovakia and abroad.

You can order a job by e-mail at or via phone at  00421903216307.

I can prepare and send an instant quote, if required.

When ordering, you need to define/send :
·         type of interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, escort, chuchotage)
·         the field or list of topics, scenario etc.
·         terminology resources : documents, relevant websites etc.
 In case of simultaneous /conference interpretation you will need to provide :
·         addresses/contributions/coference papers
·         names of participants, organizations, companies

Examples of particular jobs by fields :

Sales and technical negotiations, conferences, on-site interpreting, on railways, etc.  Presentations of new technology and products, novelties in Slovakia. Terminology resources to be provided in advance.
Social Reform Foundation, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Forum of Providers - simultaneous interpretation Interpretation in conferences related to social services - e.g. HELPS (housing and home care for senior citizens and vulnerable groups). Presentations related to various programmes for senior citizens - consecutive interpretation.
Simultaneous interpretation, chuchotage in conferences and on control days organized by the Ministry of the Environment ( e.g. LIFE INFO DAY). Consecutive interpretation - presentation of companies (e.g.waste management). Simultaneous interpretation in a conference on water and water companies in Slovakia.
Consecutive interpretation in two- and three-week training corses of investigators. Carried out by a British agency / former investigators. Useful knowledge of British life, institutions and terminology of the field.   Bureau of Border and Alien Police - Interpretation in the case of applications for asylum, citizenship and the like. Interpretation in the case of hearings. 
Simultaneous interpretation, chuchotage in conferences. Contributions of speakers + terminology required in advance. 
Simultaneous interpretation, chuchotage - general assembly of the Slovak Advertising Standards Council for the gallery Space.
Consecutive interpretation in lectures / workshops of personal development, for example Michael Rice´s lectures : Business with heart Maculine/Feminine ´dance´ in relationships.